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About the school

Sønderborg Statsskole is an Upper Secondary School in the town of Sønderborg situated in the southern part of Jutland.

In town

The school is very close to the town centre and within easy walking distance from the town hall, pedestrian street, beach and harbor.

There are about 1000 students, the great majority of whom are between the ages of 16-19, studying all kinds of subjects at various levels (A-level, B-level and C-level) for 3 years.

Adult education course

At Sønderborg Statsskole, it is also possible to do a two-year adult education course. The students attending these classes are often from 18-20 years of age.


There are approximately 100 teachers (male and female) most of whom teach two subjects, some even three.

Indiviuality and the wider community

It is very important for us that the individuality of each student is respected in the best possible way while at the same time placing an emphasis on each student being a part of a wider community – first and foremost in their class, but also with respect to those in other classes for all years.

Priority is also given to ensuring that each and every student feels comfortable in his/her surroundings – from time to time this can be a challenging task in a very hectic school day with lots of activities going on, but it is something we feel that we cope with quite successfully.

We like to see ourselves as very open-minded, we encourage participation in multifarious activities with other schools in and outside of Denmark, and every year we happily receive exchange students from all over the world.

At the moment our school is part of a three-year Erasmus + project about Fair Trade. This means that we visit schools from 5 other countries in Europe ( Austria, Uk, Germany, Slovakia and Italy) over the next 3 years. The main aim is to get a deeper understanding of how Fair Trade products can play a bigger part in our everyday consumer habits in order to help the farmers in developing countries get a fairer price for their produce.

Study trips

In March, 2nd year students and some of their teachers go on study trips. The trips last about a week. Essentially, such excursions are seen as a learning opportunity – a continuation of education outside of the confines of the school.

The class coordinators (a position held by a teacher in each class) select the destinations in a professional context. For the students, the purpose of the study tours is to learn, mature, and socialize in a foreign culture and context.

Generally speaking, the academic content of the study tours is related to the study profile, and the various visits and projects abroad are organised with a clear view to the subjects taught at home.

Activities in the study tour programme are part of the curriculum. The details of the programmes are organised by the teachers in cooperation with the students. During the trip the students often seek

  • To get an impression of the country’s culture,
  • To hear and to practice the foreign language that the students study in school,
  • Experience how organizing everyday life can be done differently than at home, or
  • To implement sports and outdoor activities in an intensive programme and in other environments than at home.

The cost of the study trip depends on the destination, but as a rule of thumb the price is DDK 3500 – 4000 when talking about a European destination. A special bank account is set up for each class. The sooner the class begins saving money, the better.


Over its long history, a lot of traditions have established themselves in connection with the running of the school, for example:

  • Every year in late August/early September we celebrate the school’s birthday.
  • Every other year there is a school play or musical, and we participate in sporting events with other schools on an annual basis.
  • All the first-years also entertain their teachers and fellow pupils at morning assemblies and the winners are rewarded accordingly.
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